About American Marine Repair

American Marine Repair has been incorporated and working on marine vessels in south Florida since 1987. We work with all types of boats – motor yachts, commercial vessels, sailboats, tugboats, barges, cruise boats, etc. Since the beginning we have built working relationships with our clientele by providing top of the line services in time frames that always suit the customer’s needs.

Going Above and Beyond

American Marine will always take the extra step to ensure each project is completed to the yacht quality standards that are expected in south Florida and completed on time (since we all know every project needed to be finished yesterday). Our team of experienced ship fitters, welders, and polishers always make sure that the customer leaves with a product that they will tell their friends and colleagues about. A lot of our business comes from repeat customers because we take pride in being a top welding and fitting contractor in south Florida. American Marine will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

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